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2017-12-04 OA Glocal Alan - No Water On Mars? 残念!

プログラム名:GLOCAL KYOTO 月曜日

今日は・Today’s Episode:

  • 火星には水がない?残念!。☆


  • Life on Mars? Nope. Not even water! ☆

When they thought there was water on Mars, scientists and the like were quick to assume there was also life on other planets. Now?...

今日の曲・Today’s Tunes:

  1. Mama’s & The Papas – Go Where You Want To Go
  2. Kiki Dee Band – I Got The Music In Me
  3. Huey Lewis & The News – Heart & Soul
  4. Kyari Pamyupamyu – Invader
  5. Iggy Pop – Home
  6. Elvis – I Got A Thing About You
  7. James Taylor – How Sweet It Is
  8. Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes – Perry Como
  9. Danzig – Killer Wolf

※ 著作権のある音楽はこのPodcastには含まれておりません。

※ Copyrighted songs have been removed from this podcast.