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3月8日【makicomi × kyoto 火曜日】

番組名:makicomi x kyoto 火曜日

上京区京極自主防災会 ペット防災担当 大國 智子さん
「いきいき北区情報コーナー」: 北区役所地域力推進室 企画担当 浅井 優佑さん
昨年策定された北区基本計画に基づき、 そのリーディングプロジェクト「北区まちづくりプラットフォーム」の第一弾として実施されるオンラインワークショップについてご紹介いただきました。
対  象:北区でのまちづくり活動に興味・関心のある方(今まで、まちづくり活動に関心が無かった方でも「何かしたい!」という思いがあれば、どなたでもご参加いただけます)
makicomi x kyoto 火曜日は、毎週土曜日の正午からも再放送しています!
来週は 、「yokoi x kyoto」byパーソナリティ 横井雅子が担当します。
2022/3/8 OA makicomi x kyoto火曜 担当:よこいまさこ
Tomoko Oguni, Pet Disaster Prevention Officer, Kyogoku Voluntary Disaster Prevention Association, Kamigyo-ku
March 11th will soon come.
It has been 11 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Every year at this time, Ms. Oguni reminds us that we need to keep thinking about disaster preparedness in our community. Today, he talked about the reality that I cannot protect my pets if I am not prepared for disasters, based on a collection of photos of animals that were affected by the disaster called "Nokosareta zotai" ("Leftover Animals"). Looking at the photo collection makes me bitter. It makes me sad. I was confronted with how important it is to be prepared on a daily basis so that this does not happen.
What is indispensable for disaster prevention goods? One of them is a leash recommended by Mr. Oguni today!
Please take this opportunity to check your pet's leash, harness, collar, crate, etc. for any signs of breakage.
Lively Kita City Information Corner": Mr. Yusuke Asai, in charge of planning, Community Power Promotion Office, Kita City Office
We were introduced to the online workshop, which is the first phase of the leading project "Kita-ku Community Development Platform" based on the Kita-ku Basic Plan formulated last year.
Online Workshop
Target: People who are interested in community development activities in Kita Ward (even if you have never been interested in community development activities before, you can still participate by saying "I want to do something! (Anyone who has the desire to participate in this event is welcome to do so.)
Date and Time: Tuesday, March 22, 6:30 p.m. - 8:03 p.m. 0 minutes (2 hours)
Number of participants: About 50 (if there are too many applications, they will be selected by lottery)
How to apply: Use the dedicated form on the Kita-ku Office website.
Other: Please note that you will need to have an environment where you can use Zoom as we will be using the online conferencing tool Zoom.
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